Special Events & Highlights


  • Royal Newfoundland Regiment Garrison Event: The war of 1812

    Saturday June 2 & Sunday June 3

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm – Encampment, cooking & activities open to the public
11:00am – Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration  
11:30am – War of 1812 Surgeon
12:00pm – Cannon Demonstration – Noon Gun Firing
1:00pm – Dueling Demonstration
2:00pm - Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration   
2:30pm – War of 1812 Surgeon
3:00pm – Cannon Demonstration & Firing
4:00pm – Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration   
5:00pm – Encampment closed to the Public  

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018
10:00am - 4:00pm – Encampment, cooking & activities open to the public
11:00am – Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration  
11:30am – War of 1812 Surgeon
12:00pm – Cannon Demonstration – Noon Gun Firing
1:00pm – Dueling Demonstration
2:00pm - Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration   
2:30pm – War of 1812 Surgeon
3:00pm – Cannon Demonstration & Firing
4:00pm – Garrison Weekend Officially Closed


Activities and Presentations

Royal Newfoundland Regiment Winter Military Encampment
All day Saturday & Sunday members of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment will be demonstrating to the public 19th century military tactics, drill and musket firing.    Realistic military encampment, weaponry, uniforms, equipment, food and sleeping arrangements will also be available for hands on viewing and questions and answers.  Demonstrations will be ongoing all day.

Cannon Demonstration & Firing
The surrounding countryside will be booming with the sound of cannon fire as artillery from the War of 1812 time period come alive for the public to hear and see.  A cannon crew will be loading and firing their 3lb gun as well as educating the public with displays and hands on mock loading demonstrations

19th Century Surgeon
If you have concerns about our health care system today, you will appreciate it a lot more after a demonstration of 19th century medical care services.  Witness and listen well as the surgeon explains and demonstrates the crude ways of dealing with amputations, infections and other ailments of the time.  If the surgeon was not successful the local undertaker/embalmer was happy to take over. Volunteers as patients are always welcomed however not recommended.

In 1817 Samuel Jarvis killed Thomas Ridout in the last quasi-legal duel in York (Toronto).  John Ridout had been fired by Jarvis and a few days later a chance encounter lead to a fist fight between the pair. They agreed to a duel.  The pair stood back to back, and then took 8 steps, turned to face each other, after which Jarvis' second counted to three. The count of three was the signal permitting them to shoot.  Ridout shot on the count of two but missed. Jarvis was livid at this violation of the agreement. Their seconds conferred, giving Ridout a second gun, then taking it away and allowing Jarvis to take his shot. He did, killing Ridout. Jarvis was arrested and charged with murder. The charge was reduced to manslaughter before trial. Jarvis was acquitted, as all the formalities of a duel had been met, and the unspoken practice of the day was to acquit duelers.  Visitors will witness officers and gentlemen take their disagreements to the extreme and duel to defend ones honour!

Period Cooking Demonstrations
Learn how food was prepared using an open fire and cast iron pots and implements of the day.  Learn about the food that was eaten and which herbs were used for cooking and the preparation of home medicines.  Activities and presentations will be ongoing all day.


  • "Hoist the Colours": The war of 1812

    Saturday July 7 & Sunday July 8



HHP DH Ghost Tours LogoGhost Tours at Discovery Harbour 

Wednesdays & Saturdays, from July 4 to August 29, 2018

Tours start at 9 pm sharp

A spooky guided tour by lantern light featuring encounters with tales of apparitions and spirits.  Tales of actual people associated with the Military and Naval Establishments will include that of the McGarraty brothers who died on the march from York in June of 1831 and the tale of Private James Drury who died New Year’s Eve 1836 on guard duty at Officers’ Quarters.

- Please note that this event is primarily outdoors with visitors walking throughout the historic site.  

- The tour goes rain or shine.

- Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the tour.

- Please, no pets are allowed (except service animals)

- Recommended for ages 10 and up

- Admission is: $10 per person (plus HST)



HHP DH Pirates of the Bay 2016ARRR...Pirates of the Bay


Saturday August 4, 2018, from 10 am to 5 pm (last admission at 4:30 pm)

Join us for this swashbucklin’ event! Be sure to know your pirate name and beware landlubbers as Discovery Harbour will be transformed into the Pirate Lair!!   

Walk the plank and join the pirate crew for great famly fun!  Roving hornswaggler musicians, meet Captain Jack Sparrows look-a-like and visit the tattoo parlor (face paint), learn yer knots and swab the deck!  Be on the lookout for a Pirate Skirmish with the HMS Badger and Historic Military Establishments of Upper Canada will fire off the candy canon.  

Shuttles will move visiting Pirates between the town dock in Penetanguishene and Discovery Harbour.

Admission is: $7 per person (plus HST)



Thursdays to Sundays, from October 4 to October 21

Every evening, from October 22 to October 30

From 7 pm to 10 pm

Experience the phenomenon of hauntingly magical and stirring outdoor exhibits of hand-crafted Funkins pumpkins, all set against the night-time backdrop of Discovery Harbour. But BEWARE….new characters will be lurking about in the expanded TERROR ZONE!!

Admission is $8.00 per person with a non-perishable food item
Youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Children 5 and under are FREE
Service animals ONLY

This is an outdoor exhibit spanning our beautiful historic attraction. Please wear comfortable shoes and appropriate weather gear, we are open rain or shine. We will have a boo trail and an all new Coffin Ride.  Donate to Jumpstart Canada and Midland Canadian Tire and try your hand at the Pumpkin Catapult. The Caper Cafe will offer retail items including goodies, refreshments, Halloween inspired toys and decor as well as the Pumpkinferno and Terror Zone gear to outfit yourselves. The TERROR ZONE is expanded this year and is not recommended for children under the age of 12. It’s an absolutely amazing scare zone if you dare to enter.

Adults or children wearing masks will be required to remove them prior to entering the site.  Thank you.

Have a great time and be sure to let us know how well we did by answering our survey at the end of your visit. Read more

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