Three students playing indigenous games inside a longhouse at Sainte-Marie - they look engaged

Education Programs

This nationally-significant historic attraction has been delivering educational school programs for more than 50 years. Offer your students curriculum-rich, hands-on learning opportunities in person or online.

Hope, a smiling interpreter in costume, holding a lacross stick and watching students as they practise their lacrosse skills

School Programs

We’re now booking 2023 spring, fall and winter 2024 education programs! All programs at Sainte-Marie link with the latest Ontario Curriculum. We make history fun! Experienced interpreters will teach and engage your students through exploration, story-telling, discussion, and hands-on activities.

A smiling little girl looking out from inside a building at Sainte-Marie - the shutters are wide open

Digital Programming

Let us bring history to you! Our three-part virtual learning program offers an engaging introductory video, a live Q&A with a knowledgeable museum professional, as well as follow-up activities to encourage further learning and discussion. Offer your students a classroom experience they won’t soon forget.

Une photo aérienne de Sainte-Marie-au-pays-des-Hurons et la rivière Wye

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